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Guidelines for Submissions of Papers

  • Research papers, theoretical reflections, or experiences related to the congress themes can be submitted.
  • Papers can be submitted in Spanish and English.
  • Through the registration form, submit an abstract with a maximum length of four pages, using the attached template: CLICK HERE
  • The format of the submitted document must be Word (.doc or .docx). The document name should follow the following structure: main author's surname, underscore "_", first initial of the name, underscore "_", type of communication, underscore "_", thematic area (e.g., Garcia_J_Oral_Education.doc)
  • It is possible to present papers in Mode A: Oral Communication or Mode B: Poster.
  • For both modes, the same abstract format must be submitted through the registration form, and the registration will be identical in both modes.
  • Specify the thematic area in which you want to present the communication (Physical Education; Sport and Society; Sport, Leisure, and Tourism; Sports Management; and Dual Career).
  • A single author may not sign more than four communications, and each author may only present as the first author one communication.
  • The order of authors that will appear in the certifications and publications will be the one listed in the abstract. No changes in the list of authors or their order will be accepted once the submission deadline has passed.
  • The person presenting the communication must be registered for the congress and pay the registration fee for national authors; co-authors who are not attending must register under the non-attending/co-authors from abroad mode.
  • Only one certificate per communication will be issued, listing all authors.
  • To obtain the certificate, it is essential to defend the communication.
  • The abstracts of the accepted communications will be published in a special issue of the Habilidad Motriz journal. 
  • The acceptance or rejection of the communications, and any other notification will be made through the platform and email only with the Author who has submitted the communication.
  • Submitting the abstract implies the complete acceptance of the work by all authors.

Publication of Selected Communications for Publication in Scientific Journals

An agreement has been made with several journals to publish special issues linked to the congress areas. If your communication is accepted and selected, you will be invited to send it in an extended format and according to the journal's guidelines. More information can be found under the "Associated Journals" tab.

Presentation of Oral Communication and Posters

For the presentation of both types of work, an official template and standard poster size will be provided. More information will be available soon.

Abstracts accepted in AEISAD Congress - Murcia 2023

All abstracts accepted for the Murcia congress, which ultimately could not take place, will be automatically accepted as long as there have been no substantial changes to the abstract and they are adapted to the format and regulations of the current congress. They must be submitted following the same procedure and regulations as the rest of the communications, using the congress template. If this applies to you, please specify the following in the comments section of the submission form: "Abstract accepted at the AEISAD Murcia congress."